Single-User Study Carrels


Study Carrels

The single user Study Carrels come packaged in units of 10 and include easy-to-use set up instructions (see below). They are made of heavy weight corrugated board for strength and durability. Velcro is included with each Study Carrel for ease of setting up and taking down. They store flat in their shipping box. Ten Study Carrels will store in a space approximately 4" high. For attractiveness, they are white on both sides. If your budget is tight, these Study Carrels will be a great benefit to you. Prices start at only $2.90 each in quantities from 10 to 250. Discounts are available for any order over 250 quantity. UPS shipping charges are added to each order.

Single-User Setup

Prices for 24" Wide Single-User Carrels
 10 to 250  2.90 each
 260 to 500  2.65 each
 510 to 1,000  2.40 each
 1,010 to 2,500  2.15 each
 2,510 to 5,000  1.95 each

Large Study Carrel
Prices for 36" Wide Single-User Carrels
 10 to 250  4.20 each
 260 to 500  3.95 each

Multi-User Study Carrels
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