Study Carrels

Our study carrels are made of strong corrugated, not flimsy cardboard. Velcro tabs allow quick & easy set-up and take-down for re-use. Made to our high standards, not down to a price.

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Single-User Study Carrels

Multi-User Study Carrels

Important Notice!
To make ordering as quick and as easy as possible, we do not accept orders online or through email. We have such a wide variety of study carrels that we want to be sure we deliver the product that will best meet your needs. Please call us to order your study carrels: 800-476-3454

Study Carrels have been around for a long time. Originally Study Carrels were made to be permanent and were generally made of wood. In 1989 Packaging & Design introduced our corrugated Study Carrels. These inexpensive, lightweight, highly portable Study Carrels revolutionized the use of Study Carrels. They made it possible, for the first time, for every student to have their own private study area.

We wanted our Study Carrels to be strong and durable. We wanted them to be reused again and again. We wanted to provide convenient storage for those times the Study Carrels were not being used. We wanted them to be attractive and pleasing to the eye, so as not to be a distraction to the user.

To provide the strength and durability we wanted, we use a heavy weight corrugated board that will withstand reuse again and again. Lighter weight corrugated material just does not hold up as long as the material we use.

To provide the ease of reuse we wanted, we provide 3M Velcro Hook & Loop closures with each Study Carrel. Velcro allows the Study Carrels to be set-up and taken down very quickly. If we had wanted to make the Study Carrels as cheaply as possible, we could have forced users to apply tape to set them up, then cut the tape to take them down. This is not only more time consuming than using Velcro, it quickly weakens the Study Carrels rendering them unusable. Our Study Carrels will last much longer than a Study Carrel that must be taped each time it is used, then cut each time it is taken down. Some of our customers have used the same Study Carrels for over 3 years.

To provide the convenient storage we wanted, our Study Carrels store flat in their shipping box. Ten of our Study Carrels will store flat in a space approximately 4" high.

To provide the attractiveness we wanted, we made the Study Carrels out of corrugated board that is white on both sides. If the Study Carrels are kept in their pristine white condition, they are calming to the students. We are aware, however, that some students "individualize" the Study Carrels and take "their" Study Carrels with them as they move up to a higher grade.


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